Annual Dues
The amount of Membership Dues is

payable by members of the Chapter beginning January 1 and ending December 31 of each calendar year.

•Notification of renewals are sent out prior to October 1.

Classes of Membership

We offer 6 types of membership:

  • Full Member
  • Charter Member
  • Sustaining Member
  • Senior Citizen Member
  • Family Member
  • Junior Member

Please contact us to see which membership is right for you and fill out an application!

Interested in joining our group?  Here is how:


  • Membership in the Chapter shall be available to any person who owns, or has owned, a motorcycle more than thirty-five years old or any person in the aims and objects of the Chapter.
  • All Chapter Members shall be a National Member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, and must maintain National AMCA membership to remain membership of the Chapter.

  • National Membership in the AMCA shall not be a guarantee of membership in the chapter.
  • There shall be no geographic limitation to eligibility for membership.